Initiatives for SDGs

Initiatives for SDGs

Initiatives for SDGs

Environmental protection measures

Promote paperless

Our hotel promotes paperless internal processes, such as checking in and out on tablets, managing data in the cloud, etc., which greatly reduces paper consumption.

Using LED indoor lighting

Hotel lobbies, guest rooms and offices are switching to LED lighting to reduce power consumption.

Implement ECO environmental protection plan

Guests who stay continuously and do not need to clean their rooms can choose the “ECO environmental protection plan” and receive sustainable gifts, or hotel coupons to use on their next reservation.

Community cleanup

Every month, we conduct community cleanup activities in Ebisu area in Naniwa Ward.

Air conditioning temperature setting

The air conditioning temperature in the lobby is set to 20 degrees for heating in winter and 28 degrees for cooling in summer.

Toiletries with refillable pump dispensers in guest rooms

All guest room toiletries use refillable pumps to reduce plastic waste.

Use reusable tableware

Chopsticks, spoons and other cutlery provided in guest rooms are reusable, helping to prevent deforestation and reduce waste.

Reuse plastic umbrellas left by guests

We reuse umbrellas left by guests as free rental items and are committed to reducing plastic waste.

Use water-saving water faucet

We are working to conserve water by using water faucet certified by government agencies for water conservation in some guest rooms.

Symbiotic community

Community cleanup

Every month, we conduct community cleanup activities in Ebisu area in Naniwa Ward.

Revitalize the community (map introduction of surrounding gourmet)

We are working to revitalize restaurants near the hotel and distribute the hotel’s original regional gourmet map to guests.

Safety measures

Conduct regular disaster prevention drills

We regularly conduct disaster prevention drills simulating various situations with the goal of sustainable development.

Comfortable working environment

Hire foreign employees

We employed people from three countries/areas: China, Hong Kong and South Korea and are committed to creating a global workplace.

Health examination

We conduct annual health checks and stress checks to maintain the physical and mental health of our employees.

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